Week 9

For the Week 9 challenge I visited a few blogs, left some comments, and checked there blog roll to see others people blogs. I was hoping to  complete the circle and get back to my blog, but I couldn’t do it.

Some reasons why I couldn’t do that is  that some people didn’t have links or if they had links do other people’s blogs, but that other person’s blog only had his link. I know confusing, but it makes sense , kinda, it still got in the way. Eventually, I ran out of time and the Week 10 challenge came up and I had to get a post up.

One blog I visited was http://pirate50.edublogs.org/ he had this one post about he bieng a Spartan soldier becoming an official soldier, he did a very good job describing himself as a spartan and showed that he knows a lot about Sparta.

Well I am on to the Week 10 challenge, Bye





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