Week 10: Survey

For the Week 10 challenge you were supposed to take the survey and create a survey and have someone take it. I interviewed Spencer Rawnsley. (Click on the link to see his blog, it is really good.)


Q: What was your first impression of this blog?

A: It looked simple, which ment I wanted to read it.

Q: What caught your eye the first time so saw this blog?

A: The picture on the top of the blog.

Q: What was relatively good on this blog?

A: The way you broke up the paragraphs.

Q:What was bad on this blog?

A: You have to sets of the same Blog roll (That was an accident).

Q: What would you do to improve this blog?

A: Add a little more color in it.

Q: What was the best part of the Blog?

A: The way the blogger used words.

Q: What would you take off on this blog?

A: The really long Page Title Second Trimester Book Report, The Hunger Games.

Q: What there anything distracting on this blog?

A: No.

Q: What grade would you give this blog?

A: A-.

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