Blogging Reflection: Is It Worth It Or Not?

Mrs. Kelly, our English and Grammar teacher, wanted our input of what we thought of blogging. (this is not referring to the blogging challenge just blogging as a whole)

During the student blogging experience, I think blogging is worthwhile, but sometimes it is tedious and boring, but  the positives out way the negatives. It helped improve my writing skills, grammar, and punctuation. Also, it taught me some tips, like proofreading and double checking.

Although it taught me some helpful skills, blogging is very complicating, like the widgets and stuff like that. In addition, you will sometimes get stuck and will not figure out what to write.

I would suggest the student blogging challenge, it is a relatively fun experience, it makes the blogging experience easier and fun. The next one starts in September.

I have mixed feelings about blogging, but I would suggest you to try it out, to see if you like and enjoy blogging.

Week 10: Survey

For the Week 10 challenge you were supposed to take the survey and create a survey and have someone take it. I interviewed Spencer Rawnsley. (Click on the link to see his blog, it is really good.)


Q: What was your first impression of this blog?

A: It looked simple, which ment I wanted to read it.

Q: What caught your eye the first time so saw this blog?

A: The picture on the top of the blog.

Q: What was relatively good on this blog?

A: The way you broke up the paragraphs.

Q:What was bad on this blog?

A: You have to sets of the same Blog roll (That was an accident).

Q: What would you do to improve this blog?

A: Add a little more color in it.

Q: What was the best part of the Blog?

A: The way the blogger used words.

Q: What would you take off on this blog?

A: The really long Page Title Second Trimester Book Report, The Hunger Games.

Q: What there anything distracting on this blog?

A: No.

Q: What grade would you give this blog?

A: A-.

Week 9

For the Week 9 challenge I visited a few blogs, left some comments, and checked there blog roll to see others people blogs. I was hoping to  complete the circle and get back to my blog, but I couldn’t do it.

Some reasons why I couldn’t do that is  that some people didn’t have links or if they had links do other people’s blogs, but that other person’s blog only had his link. I know confusing, but it makes sense , kinda, it still got in the way. Eventually, I ran out of time and the Week 10 challenge came up and I had to get a post up.

One blog I visited was he had this one post about he bieng a Spartan soldier becoming an official soldier, he did a very good job describing himself as a spartan and showed that he knows a lot about Sparta.

Well I am on to the Week 10 challenge, Bye





Week 8, No homework, homework is bad.

For the Week 8 challenge we were asked to write a persuasive peace of writing, so I did no homework

I think Homewosk is a very annoying and unhealthy thing for students all over the world.

One reason, we should not have homework is that it keeps you up late. If you stay up late doing homework you won’t be as awake and dillagent to work hard at school. Then after that, if you don’t focus at school you might get bad grades, but this of course is only happens if you routinely have a lot of homework and less sleep. So, in a way, the cause an effect is: More homework = Bad grades.  This is one reason why schools should not give out Homework.

Another reason students should not have homework is that we have our life too! We should not be forced to just, LEARN! LEARN! LEARN! SCHOOL! SCHOOL! SCHOOL! WORK! WORK! WORK! We should have time to spend our time with our family, having fun, and hanging out with friends. Doing all these things gives your mind a rest rest, it gives us a chance to unwind, be creative, and have fun. We all have our hobbies, weather it is playing sports, dancing, singing, acting, or just hanging out with friends and family. We should have a chance to do these things.

Every one has there own opinion, but I think homework is just…TERRIBLE!


Making A Difference in the World

For The Week 4 challenge, you are challenged to think global and raise awareness for problems around the world.

My teacher put up a bunch of links to global problems and the first one I clicked on was, that site seemed very interesting to me, so I will focus on water.

 Most people cannot imagine life without water. We all take water for granite. We have access to showers, indoor pluming, faucets, washing machines, hoses, sprinklers, and many other things that involve water. We have water balloon fights and water gun fights. In Africa people are dying from lack of water. They are thankful for every last drop, even if it is brown and dirty. We can make a difference in the world.

The site has mind blowing and astonishing facts you couldn’t even think of, I would advise you to check the site out.

Here are some quotes about

“We find that is open to new ideas and experimentation. They are quick to respond and very quick to answer. All of the staff members are committed to the water development and sanitation process. [] believes that this work is important and good for the people. They have commitment as well as empathy. This attitude is quite reassuring to us. We are not left wondering whether they see an idea the same way . . . We know we are sailing together.” – Nanda Vardhan, Society for Integrated Development in Urban and Rural Areas (SIDUR)

“[] is a model for the water and sanitation sector.” – Mrs. J. Geetha, Gramalaya

“[We] appreciate’s approach to water and sanitation projects due to their target-oriented approach, measurable indicators, capacity-building of partner organizations, flexibility and concern.” – Mr. Anselm Rosario, Mythri Sarva Seva Samithi (MSSS)

Here are some Astonishing Facts on Water from

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water related illness.

Woman spend 200 million hours a day collecting water (that isn’t even clean).

That is equal to building 28 empire state buildings a day.

884 million people lack access to clean water, that 3 times the population of the USA.


Every one hour 180 children die from water desease.

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water related illness.

3,575,000 people die each year from water related desease that is equal to the entire city of Los Angeles.

Here is a link to a video in Ethiopia,


Since 1990 has helped hundreds of communities in Africa, Asia, and Central America to aquire access to water and sanittaiuon.  Below are links to countries that has helped.

EthiopiaKenyaUgandaBangladeshIndiaHaiti, and HondurasGhana



They have also helped out El Salvador, Guatemala, and the Philippines.

Here is a videoto tell you how you can take action,

Ways we can help are donating money to or other water helping sites. You can also start fun raisers the old fashion way or online to donate to

What will you do to help? Raise awareness? donate? Or the big one, actually fly over to the countries and help out.




When commenting, you should complement them on the strongest part of the post and what made it sound so great. In blogs there are good things and there are bad things(But hopefully mostly good things), first focus on the good things. Then after that, give them advice on how to make it sound better.

In commenting, you also ask them questions do get to know them more, like what hobbies they do. One good example of asking  questions was when one guy named Devon that commented on my blog said,  “I noticed that the two sports listed by your name and email were football and basketball. Those two sports are my favorite.” That is a good example of asking a question.

Sometimes, when reading posts you learn something new. In commenting ou should say “Hey I didn’t know that, that is very interesting”. In commenting you should not say, “Cool” or “Awesome”.You should say useful things to the blogger.

You should do these 3 things do make your comments enjoyable.